After finishing and publishing my last blog post, I spent the next few days worrying. Worrying that the post was too long. Worrying that I was sounding conceited writing “reviews” when I was really just sprouting stupid thoughts and words. Worrying that I was being utterly ridiculous especially when the reality that no one actually cares finally sinks in.

Everything made me nostalgic about my early days of blogging in Tumblr where I would simply, and perhaps shamelessly, share my (brainless) thoughts and (mediocre) photos. It was a time where there’s no need for adding paragraphs and paragraphs of words that I try so hard to be somewhat of a great writer’s that they all end up even more nonsensical like I strangely always need to do whenever I write a post on this newer blog. There’s only a smidge of overthinking—a smidge because let’s face it overthinking is my brand™—before and after posting. No ridiculous worries. I purely freely shared what inspires me, what made me happy for that particular day which made me even more inspired and happier.

And so, I decided to reclaim that freedom. Like sharing these photos without either a whole essay or ranting attached to it. Simple. I have been craving such these days—the kind of simplicity that is so plain, in thought and action, but tugs your heart and joys far stronger than any grandeur could ever.

These photos are some of the first photos that I took with my camera. I’m currently battling my over-sentimentality that’s made me keep thousands of photos that I have filled my 1 TB external drive full. I'm going through everything. Organizing. Deleting the hundreds of photos of random objects and/or of my mom’s orchids that she could never get to bloom most of the year (see first photo; it’s a photo slider, btw). I decided to edit the photos above and share them here as a way to keep them without giving up space on my drive because, again, these are the very first and my sentimentality would never let me let them go. I did delete at least a dozen shots and framing of the same subjects, same moments. I press my shutter button too much, honestly, pretending that it’s all for my art, my “photography.” Whatever that means.

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